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Welcome to <Fates and Fables> guild site!  We are glad you have happened to stumbled onto our little guild.  A little information about ourselves:

We are a casual raiding guild who take in friends of members, casual members, and raiding members.

We are not limited to just taking an 80 toon-- as we are looking to expand come Cataclysm for raiding it could be a good chance for you to grow with the guild.

Currently we are raiding ICC 10 on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8-10pm server time.

The guild currently is small but looking to build up into a reputable guild on Kargath in the near future.

We take our time seriously-- we understand that RL > WoW.  That is why we accept those people who have an understanding of the delicate balance of raiding and having a family.

For those who are looking for "OMGUGIEVLOOT" this guild is not for you.  We are looking for mature individuals who are happy to be crazy here and there, but if you cannot show your maturity when needed we are not for you.

We all have worked hard for what we have.  A few of our officers have had our hands in big raiding guilds and want to welcome those who have the same "hard working" mentality.

If you feel that this might be a fit for you, please feel free to apply.  Even if it says we are not recruiting your class, that does not mean we will not review your application-- you still have a chance of being accepted.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.   --Shanis; holy pally
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9/12 ICC10 and going on to Ruby Sanctum!

ShanistheBeast, Jul 3, 10 11:43 AM.
We are now 9/12 with our 2nd raid!  This week we tackle the Ruby Sanctum.  For our raiders- please read up on the forums.  I have placed a mini-guide there.  Congrats on your hard work everyone!

First ICC raiding night

ShanistheBeast, Jun 25, 10 9:13 AM.
First night raiding as <Fates and Fables> and what a wonderful night it was.  We had a 2 1/2 hour time slot and we did 7/12 bosses!  Quite impressive.  I'm sure as we go in there more the number of bosses killed in one night should shoot up tremendously.  Good job to everyone who helped out!

Fates and Fables is now here!

ShanistheBeast, Jun 24, 10 9:52 AM.
<Fates and Fables> is finally taking off and what a good start we have so far!  Keep getting friends who are interested in casual raiding looking at us.  Talk about excited!  Can't wait to add to our members.
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